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Passion, creativity


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A Little About Me

Laura Colucci

Passion for the cuisine

Cooking is a science, it is up to the chef to make it an art.

My passion for cooking was born when I was still a child and instead of playing with dolls I found myself experimenting with my first recipes of sand and stones.
I immediately realized that I had something that was not common with others, but only now I understand what ... " passion </ strong>" .... exact .... "passion, passion for finding recipes and to cook to become in effect the little cook at home ".
It was then that I began to intrigue, document, experiment, study the wonderful art of cooking </ strong> and discover a ' excellent cook </ strong> receiving the consensus before my friends and then friends of friends up that has not become my real job ..... the friends that I love to host in my home for years and perfected more and more to be selected to participate in a valuable stage at " Casa Vissani </ strong > "with the Maestro Gianfranco Vissani </ strong>.
To build a winning dish beginning with the purchase of high quality products </ strong>: the vegetables of my trust garden </ strong>, the best fish chosen </ strong> and not breeding, meat directly from Piedmont and Tuscany. My dishes range from traditional cuisine of Lazio </ strong>, to the thousand combinations of raw fish </ strong>, to the finger food </ strong> which represents a spectacular and appetizing solution for a fashion party </ strong> and at low cost.
" My personal chef </ strong>" Laura Colucci </ strong> will make sure that dinner with friends in your home is a extraordinarily well-groomed event </ strong> in every detail from the table to delicacies to taste </ strong> and that you can enjoy the evening at 360 ° as if you were an invited guest. </ em>

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Some principles

  • Attention to health

    I love fitness and have always been very careful to combine refined cuisine with healthy foods

  • Care in the selection of fruits and vegetables

    I choose the vegetables from my vegetable garden. I prefer vegetables at zero kilometer, mainly because they are sure of their provenance and genuineness

  • Selected meat and fish

    The best fish chosen and not breeding, meat directly from Piedmont and Tuscany.

The Secrets of the Chef

  • High Gourmet Cuisine Recipes

    Pappardelle with truffles with lemon sauce, Prague ham and ricotta salata.

    • 100g of truffle flour
    • 3 fresh egg yolks
    • 1 high quality lemon
    • 200 g of Prague ham in one slice
    • 100g of salted ricotta cheese
    • 1 glass of fresh cream
    • salt, oil, butter as required

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